Quality Control QC: Definition, Importance and Tools of Quality Control


Quality assurance and quality control are two terms that are often used interchangeably. Although similar, there are distinct differences between the two concepts. This page will explain the differences between quality control and quality management, and provide definitions and examples of each. A statistical measure is used to determine if a batch or sample of products meets the overall manufacturing standard.

Quality control explanation

This QC method evaluates all the different aspects of a product in a single inspection. The main focus here is to rule out defects or flaws that will impact the product quality. This method is so specific that it may require manufacturing data and software.

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Enhanced Employee Satisfaction − Implementing quality control measures can also increase employee satisfaction. Increased Regulatory Compliance − In some industries, quality control is necessary to ensure regulatory compliance. By implementing quality control measures, businesses can ensure that their products or services meet the necessary standards and regulations, reducing the risk of legal or financial consequences. For life sciences https://globalcloudteam.com/ companies, quality control definition is inextricably linked with FDA, ISO, or other similar regulatory requirements. Quality systems must be meticulously managed and proper documentation must be continually maintained to comply with such regulatory requirements. Robust and flexible GxP process management software applications are the key to maintaining superlative quality control systems and achieving regulatory compliance.

Quality control explanation

They can achieve this by testing raw materials, taking samples, and remediating problems or discrepancies when needed. A basic description of these tools and their applications is provided. Inspection is the process of measuring, examining, and testing to gauge one or more characteristics of a product or service and the comparison of these with specified requirements to determine conformity. Products, processes, and various other results can be inspected to make sure that the object coming off a production line, or the service being provided, is correct and meets specifications. Because of this distinction, quality specialists may eventually change their specialization as they progress in their careers from quality assurance to quality control. For upper management, customers, and government inspectors, quality assurance programs and departments make sure that products adhere to all quality requirements and safety regulations.


Qualio’s eQMS is built specifically for startup and scale-up life sciences companies. If your company needs a scalable, simple QMS platform, we’d love to show you what Qualio can do for Quality Assurance and Quality Control with a personalized demo. Yet many problems can be prevented by the implementation of strict regulations, good quality control, clear standards, and a well-defined scientific concept. Therefore, increased reliance has to be placed on pre-production quality control, especially for obtaining, testing and housing vaccine donors free of harmful infections. During the state of chaos stage, the process is not predictable and the products do not meet expectations. For Super Sports Warehouse, this would mean the basketballs were not of quality standard, and the process of making them is not predictable either.

Quality control explanation

The quality profession expanded to include the quality assurance and quality audit functions. The drivers of independent verification of quality were primarily industries in which public health and safety were paramount. A mapping methodology that improves the design and implementation processes by creating evaluative indicators for each step. Inspection is a major component of quality control, where physical product is examined visually . Product inspectors will be provided with lists and descriptions of unacceptable product defects such as cracks or surface blemishes for example.

Why Is Quality Control Important? What Are the Benefits?

Any variations in the quality of a product, i.e., standards set are mainly caused by variations in raw material, men, machines, methods, and procedures of procedures of production and inspection. In order to produce the quality products, these variations need to be checked and controlled. All organizations can benefit from a comprehensive quality control https://globalcloudteam.com/quality-assurance-vs-quality-control-main-differences/ process, and Life Sciences companies are no exception. Maintaining quality control not only protects product quality, but it also enhances organizations’ overall success. QC often makes teams feel happier in the workplace and more satisfied with the company culture. It can even give team members a sense of ownership over the products they help to create.

  • The last step of quality control is product quality control, which focuses on the product itself and is the act of concentrating on making a product that meets all expectations and standards.
  • The quality assurance function in a service organization may not include quality control of the service but may include quality control of any products involved in providing the service.
  • Quality control is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and building a positive reputation for a business.
  • Quality has been defined as fitness for use, conformance to requirements, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • QC is generally the responsibility of certain personnel within the organization whose duties include following SOPs for product testing.
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  • During the state of chaos stage, the process is not predictable and the products do not meet expectations.

For example, Super Sports Warehouse inspects 1 out of every 50 basketballs. Inspecting just a few basketballs allows Super Sports Warehouse to save time and money while being able to determine if the entire order should be rejected or kept. When a company wants to test the standards of a product, it is beyond impossible to test every product. The volume of the products might be enormous and the cost unbearable. Acceptance sampling is a statistical measure that allows a company to ascertain the quality of many products by selecting a few for testing. The quality of the chosen sample is viewed as the quality level of the whole group of products, hence creating a more cost-friendly inspection plan.

Industry Perspectives on QA and QC

These controls help standardize both production and reactions to quality issues. Every member of a life sciences organization is responsible for QA activities by following SOPs. QC efforts may also be focused on parts used to create the final product, such as raw materials from a supplier. The QA system for quality management may dictate various activities to make sure inputs are consistently safe and effective, such as auditing suppliers and batch sampling raw materials.

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