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Professional triathlete and British Ironman record holder, Joe Skipper was so impressed with the website I designed and built for him, he commissioned me to design the livery for his new racesuit and training kit for his new triathlon team, Team Skipper.


Joe’s brief for the racesuit was “it needs to look really good – and have pink in it”. As Joe had recently raced at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and was targeting qualification and a top 10 finish for the upcoming season, I took inspiration from the Hawaiian theme by incorporating hibiscus flowers and also creating a brand logo and name from the Hawaiian warrior tribe known as the Kekoa. The logo itself is based on the Kekoa’s helmet.


I wanted to create something a bit outlandish as well to match Joe’s personality – he is known to be outspoken and quite controversial on the Ironman scene so I wanted to create a Marmite kit – a love it or hate it. Rather than create a bland vanilla design I wanted to create one that provoked a reaction. Joe gets lots of comments about his kit, the majority love it and he certainly stands out on the road and on the podium.


The Team Skipper kit incorporates a similar theme. Cycling jerseys, skinsuits, trisuits and running tops have been provided by Endura and Zone 3.