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back office accounting data processing

Timothy has helped provide CEOs and CFOs with deep-dive analytics, providing beautiful stories behind the numbers, graphs, and financial models. Data Mining – At Rely Services, we are equipped with the tools, techniques, and back office accounting skilled professionals to add value to your business’s data. This allows our clients to make the most of the data and capitalize on it. 24/7 Support – Rely Services is one of the few companies that work around the clock.

We are an ISO certified organization also following GDPR for our European clients while managing confidential data, proving our commitment to data safety and protection. Outsourcing back office BPO services to us will help you achieve business scalability and optimize your process per changing needs. The model identifies strategic priorities whilst taking into account activities. Depending on the customer’s requests, we have the possibility to offer Data Cleaning, Data Processing, Data Classification and Data Conversion services. For offline data entry, the skills required are accuracy and knowledge of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

Outsource Data Processing Services to the Expert

It allows companies to submit data for extraction in multiple ways, such as through a website, mobile app, or email address. AutoEntry is specialized in accurately extracting data from receipts, invoices, and bank statements. Our back-office services will help your business improve the bottom line by automating the processes, utilizing real-time data, advanced analytics, and integrating with modern systems. Our team of over 5000 agile professionals excels in performing a range of simplest to complex administrative, customer support, and industry-specific back office tasks. All our agents are trained on Six Sigma methodology and are delegated projects only after ensuring they properly understand your needs and goals. In addition to reducing their costs, organizations who use back office outsourcing can free up more of their resources to focus on the front office – the part of the business that actually generates revenue.

back office accounting data processing

A service provider that holds a current ISO certification already has the policies and procedures in place to protect any confidential data they receive from your organization. If your company collects data from your customers or users, it is important that you maintain the privacy and security of that data. If you collect data from European citizens, your organization will be subject to the legal requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation .

You need back office support

Data processing is a critical aspect of any business but it can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. You don’t want your business’ data processing to go wrong and you want a professional solution that is reliable and secure. We offer quality services at affordable costs that will help you reduce your business overhead costs. We offer end-to-end back-office solutions to businesses in the publishing industry that help them optimize their costs, maximize profits and identify innovative revenue streams.

You’re not in the business of providing less than the best, which is why OverDrive provides quality assurance services on all facets of your business. The goal of every customer service interaction is to fix the problem and leave the customer happy. Our support teams cover everything from 24/7 phone management, new customer intake, outbound account management technical support, chat, and more. He has gathered first-hand experience in Process Management, Market Analysis, innovation strategies, implementation, customer relationship management and control of programs. Nejal is an assertive manager with outstanding interpersonal, communications, negotiation and people management skills. His dynamism and critical thinking have spread among his team and has used it as an added advantage towards success of the processes.

What Industries Have Large Back-Office Operations?

We offer customized document scanning services using state-of-the-art digitization tools to help businesses process invoices in less time. Regardless of variance in design, format, or location of critical business information, your documents will be scanned swiftly without loss of quality. To provide advice and assistance to management in the planning, implementation and evaluation or modifications to existing or new processes, systems and procedures. For example, email processing, order processing, full-file services, data collection & processing or invoice processing & management. We also find suitable partners for complaint and feedback management or customer service.

Docparser is an automated document management solution that incorporates storing documents in a cloud environment. The OCR technology and built-in text recognition can extract data from various documents, even barcodes, making this software a great choice for invoice or purchase order processing. Klippa DocHorizon is a versatile Intelligent Document Processing solution that can automate manual data entry tasks efficiently and accurately.

Mid to Large Sized Business Accounting

Back office outsourcing services can help your organization access a wider talent pool, reduce costs and stay focused on your customers. A variety of services are available, including customized solutions that can be designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Best of all, virtually every type and size of organization can benefit from back office services.

Our concerned department will take care of your unique work instructions and follow your requirements. Yes, you can call us and communicate in case of any variation in the standard instruction provided by you. You can have a monthly package plan or hourly rate system based on the nature of your task. A non-profit healthcare insurer used Operations Visualizer to create a standardized framework for managing employee productivity, resulting in a 16% improvement in employee productivity, or almost 800 hours per week. Management techniques are evolving, harnessing creativity and furthering employee wellness.

Our bookkeeping services and accounting services include:

This allows us to give you complete transparency and more insight for tracking your data-related tasks. It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences. His expertise in the Finance & accounting domain has been enhanced with the deep knowledge of accounting softwares like QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, NetSuite etc. Submit quick request now Would you like to benefit directly from the advantages of our platform? Register for free, create your project briefing and get matched with suitable call centers. Learn everything you need to know to find and manage the right call center – from proven best practices to exciting industry insights.

  • Today, most back-office positions are located away from the company headquarters.
  • Data Mining – Data mining refers to the process of turning raw data into meaningful information.
  • He strongly believes in creating authentic and mutually significant long term relationships with customers.
  • Retaining customers is a lot less expensive than acquiring new customers.
  • We offer payment processing, so you don’t have to worry about losing a percentage of your payments every time money changes hands.
  • Complex activities such as payroll accounting, data processing in ERP systems or order processing are also part of the back office.

Back office management services increasingly use AI and automation to improve efficiency and accuracy. For example, machine learning algorithms can handle data entry and customer service inquiries. As an experienced back-office BPO services company, we have a proven track record of success and a reputation for delivering high-quality service to our clients. Since 2000, we have been delivering services to industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, information technology, telecommunications, finance, insurance, and supply chain, to name a few.

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